Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I want a tattoo by Te Rangitu Netana is a facebook group I've created to promote my mate Te Rangitu's visit to the UK.

International award winning Maori tattooist Te Rangitu Netana is coming to the UK for the summer. He will be booking work whilst he is in the country. Currently available 16th - 30th August in Coilchester, Essex.

Maori Ta Moko Artist Te Rangitu Netana has been involved in the production and promotion of Ta Moko work within his own and other tribes for over 17 years, and has travelled extensively throughout the last few years. Born in Whangarei and raised in Kaikohe, he has now returned to the Far North to work amongst his own people. He is currently working on the formation of an Artist Collective to represent Tai Tokerau, and works from his home in Waipapa, Bay of Islands.

Te Rangitu has a distinctive style, recognised for its detail, flow, and fine lines. His artwork creates a relationship between the patterns as symbols of the wearer’s tupuna complementing the muscle structure of the body, and the wearer’s responsibility to be faithful to his tupuna in the way he holds himself within the protocols and day to day life of our people.

Te Rangitu uses alot of fine, intricate patterns. From a distance you appreciate the overall shape, but it isn’t until the wearer lets the person into his or her personal space, that you also meet the detail of the person within the intricate work. He tries to capture his vision of Ta Moko through symbolism that can be read; therefore teaching and retaining knowledge passed down.

Te Rangitu works within contemporary and traditional styles; however it is an ongoing struggle to define what is contemporary and what is traditional. He believes that to receive Ta Moko in this modern time is like folding time in half, invoking the past spirits and knowledge forward to the now, and being no longer separated from our tupuna by time.

For examples of his work check this film made in 2003 (password 'tattoo')

Monday, 8 March 2010

Death of Love over 1,000,000 hits on Youtube

Cradle of Filth - Death of Love video, featured on Radar Music Videos website


Monday, 18 January 2010

A well spent Sunday afternoon with Rev Wright writing new music for the Def D Fires Being Watched vocal track. Taking it in a totally different direction compared to the original version.

Def D Fires vs Rev Wright - Being Watched (Agnostic remix)

Monday, 11 January 2010

It seems that the old file hosting, flash player combination isn't working in the last post, so here are the direct links to a selection of mixes.

details about these mixes can be fopund in older blog posts. ENJOY

Rev Wright live dubstep mash up

Da Shaman promo mix

Da Shaman Lost Breaks mix

Da Shaman Rangi mix

Da Shaman Dirty Raver mix

Da Shaman No Fader mix

Da Shaman Live Raw mix