Thursday, 29 October 2009

Look at what I found on an old hard drive, a lost Da Shaman breaks mix. Lordy. Not sure of the exact year, somewhere around 2004/2005, I think? If you can nail the date from the tracks, then let me know. You can have a listen by pressing play below. Enjoy

Da Shaman - Lost Breaks mix

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Friday, October 30th - 9pm-4am!
@Courtyard, Pitfield St, London


Skank Sabbath (hip-hop dubstep clash)

Rev Wright (Amyl JP)
Sandman (Lucid Movement)
Bustawidemove (live dubstep set)
A Gee (Rapshack)

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FREE before 10pm for guestlisted people: email names to

£6/£8 on the door

My silent b/w 16mm film I directed at university, playing with genre and music. My gosh what existential symbolism, ..........blaaaah. It riffs David Lynch and John Woo to some effect and allowed me to play with the basics of storytelling and cinematic form. It's a pity that the crappy film to video transfer was so poor, as this makes several scenes almost too dark to watch. Big up Ed and James of Los Paranoias for the soundtrack

Wild Hunt from Rev Wright on Vimeo.

A supernatural chiller, shot on location in and around Ipswich (Suffolk), about the local legend of Black Shuck, the large ghost hound.

This film is an experiment within filmmaking, using improvisation and plot outline without a script, two key crew, a mix of actors and non-actors and no lighting or grip equipment. The result is a post dogme digital short challenging the notions of fictional and factual narrative convention.

Wild Hunt premiered at the Ipswich Film Theatre on Halloween 2006 supporting the classic The Witchfinder General

How wonderful, now I have mastered the simple process of embedding an audio player into my blog postings, and discovered a range of free MP3 hosting options. Joy

Enjoy the Rev Wright - live dubstep mash up 2 by pressing play below

Tuesday, 27 October 2009